Bucket Lists: A Skeptical Assessment


The other day, a friend asked if I had a bucket list. I don’t, never have and don’t expect to start one. Given my advanced seniority on this Earth, I’ve had ample time to do what appealed to me. I’ve traveled, had plentiful adventures and enough random good fortune to do what had to be done, looked interesting and seemed worthy and fun. At present, I’m content and even somewhat serene. I’ve no desire to jump out of an airplane, climb Mt Everest, embark on a pilgrimage, streak Yankee Stadium, run for president or anything else that merits a to-do-before exiting list.

On second thought, running for president has some appeal. I ran for mayor (Tampa in 2003) and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially the candidate forums that facilitated my secular missionary zeal of explaining REAL wellness and sharing Ingersoll excerpts. But president? I don’t know. I’ll be 82 in 2020 – a little old to appeal to the younger crowd – and my fellow octogenarians might assume I won’t last a single term. What’s more, I don’t have the name recognition or deep pocket/special interest fund-raising contacts to mount a viable campaign. As if this were not enough to doom

Why Visit Iceland in Winter?

One does not visit Equatorial Africa in summer or the Arctic regions in winter. Iceland is in the Arctic and winters can be unusually harsh and cold but there still is a charm to the various places that take on a different appearance and feel. One reason why many prefer to visit Iceland in winter is that hotel rooms are cheap and the place is not crowded. However, this is not the only reason. There are several other compelling reasons to tour the place in winter.

Breathtaking landscape

As it stands, tours in Iceland give you the benefit of magical, breathtaking landscapes comprises of mountains, volcanoes, sea, glaciers, caves, rock formations and forests. Visit in winter and you will find these transformed into glorious scenes. In addition, the days being shorter and the sun never really rising high, you will love to be out and about for the entire day and capture some stunning photographs. The light is enchantingly magical.

Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis never fails to impress but in Iceland and in winter it is even more so. Put on some woolens and then set out on a clear starry night and walk some way or drive into the countryside. Iceland’s night

Stone Garden, The Hidden Paradise In West Java, Indonesia

Stone Garden – The Hidden Paradise

Bandung city has been known as the Paris Van Java city, which is one of favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. Many travelers come to visit this city to enjoy its fresh air, tasty local cuisines, and to hunt for branded fashion goods at an affordable price.

Yet, not many travelers have known about a place called Stone Garden, which is located in Masigit village, about 30-45 minutes drive from the Bandung city. It can be understood since this place is only started to be open to visitors in 2015.

Prior to 2015, the place is only known as a stone mining area. Due to the archeological finding of the historical values of the stones in this area, the government prohibits stone mining in this area. Those who were previously worked as a stone (rock) miners gathered together to find alternative jobs or business for the continuity of their family income.

Given the fact of the stones historical value and the beautiful surroundings of the area, these former stone miners formed a local community organization to manage this area to become the new tourist destination in West Java. They also came up with the idea to name this destination

Prepare For Storm Travel

Going amid the stormy season, immediately, sounds like something to be kept away from at all costs. However, envision early morning hazes covering the Western Ghats, the possess an aroma similar to wet leaves drifting in Darjeeling, and the sky and ocean turning diverse shades of blue and dark at the shorelines-the downpours draw out a totally extraordinary side to the absolute most prominent travel goals. While the sporadic deluge that portrays this season may put a damper on touring plans, impromptu creation is the way to inventive voyaging. The low seasons mean less group and lower costs, and bounty more open doors for wheeling and dealing a deal. Here are some ways that you can capitalize on the blustery season.

Dress suitably

Odds are, in case you’re going amid the stormy season, will get doused sooner or later. Decide on baggy or light garments, for example, cotton tanks, tops and shorts instead of pants or heavier weaves that will set aside a long opportunity to dry. Bring along dress that you completely couldn’t care less about. Rainstorm are synonymous with clean and soil and sooner or later you’re apparel will endure the brunt of swimming through knee-profound puddles. So attempt and

Why Do You Actually Require Hiring Shuttle Transfers?

Are you planning to go on a trip to Cancun? But at the same time are you worried about the stress while traveling? So, do you love to travel like a VIP style? Worry no more as some of the excellent and reliable transfer services are available out there who will provide you the ultimate protection and conveniences. Yes! You heard it right. They provide a reliable and excellent service to you.

While thinking about hiring an amazing service then shuttle transfers can be your utmost reliable option. Basically, this type of service will make the vacation go quite smoothly as planned.

Why hire this service?

Myriads of people are available out there desire to reach their destination safely and securely, and that is why they rely on the services.

Ease is the key thing

The cab services guarantee you that you will easily reach your preferred and booked hotel securely. You will not ever get lost in the foreign country as a driver is genuinely well trained along with knowledge about the entire city. So, once you just check-out from the airport, the cab driver will be already waiting for you on their comfortable and hired vehicle of your preference.

You will also not have

Best Places to Travel in India

India is one of the very attractive places in the world. Since the country has a very large geographical extent, the country is blessed with varied natural beauty in different parts. In India, you will come across maximum geographical diversity. Here you will find some of the high altitude mountains, big rivers, snow clad areas, desert areas, beautiful coastal regions, floral diversity, faunal diversity and many more mesmerizing places. There are many of the places in India which are perfect holiday destinations. Many places in India are very attractive which any of the travel loving person would like to visit.

In the west of India, Rajasthan happens to be the famous tourist destinations. Rajasthan is the only place in India where you will find a large desert area. The tourist coming in Rajasthan, enjoy the attractive desert areas, the camel safari is very enjoyable and most of the tourists enjoy the ride. The forts in Rajasthan are very wonderful. To name a few, City Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, Junagarh Fort, Junagarh Fort, etc. The Hawa Mahal is one of the most attractive forts in Rajasthan.

In the North, the places like Uttarakhand have many of the hill stations which attract tourists from all

Holidays in India – Hill Stations to Visit This Summer

India is a dream holiday destination for millions of holidaymakers. The country offers endless tourism opportunities with exceptional hospitality. It has all that can mesmerize any kind of tourist whether he is a nature lover, adventure and wildlife enthusiast, want to spend some time on sun-kissed beaches, or looking pleasure of Ayurvedic treatments. Natural beauty of the country is globally acclaimed and its hill stations can be the best way to explore it.

Let us explore some popular hill towns of the country.

Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and famed as the “Queen of Hill Stations”. It is also one of the finest hill stations in India. Surrounded by beautiful hill peaks, lush green forests, and beautiful fruit orchards, the place is equally popular among couples and nature lovers. It is visited by large numbers of tourists throughout the year but particularly more crowded in summers due to pleasing cool weather.

Manali is another beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh located at the northern end of Kullu Valley at the banks of Beas River. Manali is also a globally famed adventure tourism spot in India. It is a perfect place for many adventures sports like ski, parachuting, paragliding,

Tips to Planning the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Planning the perfect weekend getaway is so exciting. It’s a couple of days away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s a chance to escape from your home town and go somewhere, even if you stay in your own country or maybe hop on a plane, take advantage of the great weekend deals and head off to an exotic seaside location. A weekend getaway can give you the relaxation and rejuvenation boost you need to kick start your week.

Before you start booking and searching for great weekend getaways, you need to know what type of holiday you want. Do you want to go to an exotic seaside location and stay in a five star resort? Do you want to head to the countryside and enjoy natural trails, some cycling and adventure walks? Do you want to take to the snow capped peaks and learn to ski or snowboard? There are so many options, so having an idea on what you want for your weekend can help you find the best deals that come in within your budget.

The next thing to remember is the types of accommodation available. If you can five star is always enjoyable as you