8 Top Highlights in Italy in 8 Days

Why should Italy be on everyone’s travel bucket list? Italy is magical, it is historic and beautiful, it’s the site of so many important events and moments and it’s where both Rome and Venice are. Those two cities alone are reason enough to go there. You can visit alone and work out how to get around in its famously chaotic and ancient cities, or you can go with a guided group tour and have all the details taken care of so you can give all your attention to the sights that you just can’t miss in this magical country.


The birth place of the Roman Empire, the source of the conquerors of the ancient world including the mighty Caesar. Rome feels like history itself and yet it is still an impossibly modern, bustling city. No trip to Rome is complete without sitting on the Spanish steps and breathing in the eternity of this city. Or without a visit to the Trevi Fountain and throw a coin over your shoulder to this stunning fountain so you can come back to Rome. Do we need to mention the mouth-watering food that Rome is famous for?

The Pantheon

The fascinating monument that left even Michelangelo speechless;

How to Find Your Next Favorite Vacation Retreat

When a word or phrase gets into the vernacular of a culture, it can sometimes bring about some pretty cool changes in that a group of people are able to communicate in a new, sometimes profound way. The idea of a retreat, or in our case a vacation retreat, is one that actually has quite a bit of history but usually ends in the same manner every time – the person ‘retreating’ is decidedly heading back to the real world fully charged once again.

Basically, a vacation retreat is where you and your family are able to go out on an adventure exploring a particular corner of the world so that when you return, you will have returned a new, revitalized person.

Sounds nice, huh? The question, however, gets raised regarding how one is able to choose their next favorite vacation retreat. As with any choice, there is always the time & effort dedicated to actually making the decision, and if you’re trying to decide how best to use your vacation time, the irony of stressful planning shouldn’t be lost on anyone. But, take a cue from your prospective retreat mindset & chill out a bit. Finding the right retreat isn’t difficult

Travelling on a Tight Budget

Every once in a while, we take time off our busy schedules to explore and experience the world. Despite the excitement and fulfillment that comes with traveling, there is no denying it is a hefty and expensive exercise. A decent holiday spent on traveling can potentially drain your accounts if not properly planned for. When it comes to traveling, there are not many corners to cut. There are no bargains nor budget options. This is why planning is the most vital stage of travel and one which you must focus on if you plan to travel on a tight budget. With proper information on viable options, it is totally possible to travel on a slim budget.

Traveling Is Not Overrated

We all get to see the beautiful pictures of places around the world and fancy the idea of exploring them. As curious beings, we do not really want to get stuck inside walls for the rest of our lives. Traveling is indeed not only a great way to unwind, but it is also one of the most productive ways of spending free time. Exploring new places opens up our minds in ways nothing else can. We also get to possibly meet new

Seven Fun Things To Do in Nassau Bay, TX

Traveling can sometimes really take the energy right out of you, making it hard to really enjoy yourself once you do get to your destination. You’re in luck, though, because if you’re traveling to Bay Area Houston region of Texas, you’ll no doubt have a number of fun things to do in Nassau Bay, TX.

Why Nassau Bay? Well, oddly enough, this city is unique in that it isn’t very old, only dating back to the mid-20th century with the emergence of the U.S. Space Program in Houston. As the Johnson Space Center cemented itself as part of the area, Nassau Bay was created as a community for staff members, astronauts, and their families. It just so happened that as the area grew, so, too, did the knowledge that it was a pretty sweet place to be, and the visitors just couldn’t keep away.

In fact, they still can’t quite stay away because there is so much to do in, and around, Nassau Bay. Here are seven fun things that are “must-see” items on any visitor’s list:

Wings Over Houston Airshow at Ellington International Airport – As you’d expect from a place where NASA is a major employer, this airshow is an international

Five Simple Steps to Find the Best RV Parks in Bay Area Houston

When checking out where the best RV parks Bay Area Houston (BAH) has to offer, you might be a little unsure of what to be looking for or what to do? Moreover, depending on your actual experience in the RV game, you might be completely clueless. After all, setting out in an RV is more than just fun and games. It’s serious business that can mean the difference between having a good time or being “up a creek”.

For those not quite in the know, Bay Area Houston is an area tucked between Houston and Galveston. It also serves as the third largest marina base in the United States. There are also miles and miles of waterfront, so being able to navigate the area in an RV puts you in the driver’s seat of exploring a beautiful area of not only Texas but of the entire country.

So, how can you find the best RV parks BAH has to offer? Here are five steps to helps out:

Technology – Everyone’s good friend, the Internet, is perhaps the greatest tool the modern “RVer” has to use. By simply doing a search on Bay Area Houston RV parks, a surprising number of possibilities comes up.

Why Rajasthan Is The Official Heritage Site Of India

Rajasthan which is one of the biggest Indian states is called the heritage of India due to many reasons. Splashed in imperial greatness, the illustrious place that is known for Rajasthan is known for its social extravagance, rich history and a considerable measure of tourism choices. There is a great deal of alternatives for tourism in Rajasthan, India. Some of prominent tourism choices are social tourism, untamed life tourism, legacy tourism, town tourism, recorded tourism, and so forth.

Rajasthan tourism additionally offers a considerable measure of exercises which you will surly love to enjoy. Investigating natural life parks and havens, jeep safari, camel safari, vessel riding on dazzling lakes, winged animal watching, and so forth are a few exercises which you will surely not have any desire to neglect to appreciate them amid your Rajasthan visit.

The energetic and vivid province of Rajasthan is additionally known for its differences which can be seen its way of life, custom, geology, individuals, way of life, cooking, and so on. This is its differing qualities which makes it one of the prime travel goals of India. One can’t discover such a great amount of assorted qualities in some other conditions of India. Clearly, Rajasthan visits

Responsible Tourism – Seven Ways To Stay Green On Vacation

Responsible tourism is a term that is gaining quite a bit of traction in today’s conscientious society. With the ever-increasing access to travel, it is important to many tourists today to give thoughtful planning to the footprint they will leave behind in any new destination in which they find themselves. It is a thrilling challenge to set for yourself when contemplating how you can be more mindful in your travels. Take a look at the following list to help you set realistic and noble goals:

1. Check out local markets.

For many people, responsible tourism refers solely to the potential impact on the eco environment. But the term encompasses so much more. It is important to contemplate how your travels will affect the local people population. Too often, large corporations invade the travel scene and impede progress for local inhabitants. As such, take a look around and shop at the local food markets. Forego the larger supermarkets and ask where you could find fresh, local food. Keep this in mind for restaurants, as well. Plus, you will have the added bonus of experiencing the local cuisine. Fresh food is always better for everyone.

2. Look around for a privately-owned hotel.

Much like corporations can

Travel Photography – A New Take

‘Travel Photography’ is the way in which we go about recording our travels so that we can revisit and share our experiences time and time again… and really enjoy each revisit!

Why do we take photographs when we are on holiday… ?

… because we would like to remember where we have been and what we did…

The Digital Age

Now that we have the wonder of digital we can take any number of pictures at no cost which means that we will return from our holiday with cameras and hard drives full of hundreds of images!

What do we normally do with all these pictures?

We can leave them just as they are scattered across a series of drives – we plan to spend time sorting them out (there are lots of duplicates!) and will get around to it soon. In reality, for many of us, this is as far as we get. As there are just so many pictures, we never actually look at them as it is too much effort! In addition, all the duplicates and look-alikes are irritating and add to our sense of frustration and perhaps our slight feeling of guilt.

Or we may do a really quick sort to get it

The Best Israeli Markets

Famous for its wide range of food choices and fresh products, Israeli markets are must-visit places for every visitor to the country. From art and souvenirs to fresh fruits and vegetables, from beautiful antiques to baked goods – everything is accessible in Israeli markets. The markets are lively and busy, with crowds of visitors coming here starting in the early mornings. Israel has plenty of local markets, and we have made an exciting list of some of our favorites:

  • Jerusalem’s Old City Souk

No doubt, the Old City Souk is one of the most popular and highly visited markets in Israel. In fact, some people think it’s too overcrowded with tourists. The reason for the market’s popularity is its souvenirs trade and prime location within the old walled city of Jerusalem. However, you can also buy food and traditional sweets. Haggling is expected here, so you’ll have a chance to practice your Hebrew.

  • Tel Aviv Carmel Market

Tel Aviv Carmel is the largest fruit and vegetable market in the city, and offers a hugely varied choice of diverse groceries. The Tel Aviv Carmel Market is famous not only for the food and goods that are sold here, but also for the unique atmosphere and