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Inle Lake

We all know light is one of the most important thing in photography.

Well actually, it is THE most important thing.

Yep, you can forget everything about optics, gear, or technical knowledge.

You don’t need all this.

You don’t need the most expensive lens for your reflex, you don’t need this great Leica you’ve been dreaming of every night (hmmm well if i could get it i would but that’s another story).

All you need to make a great picture is great light.

And that’s what Myanmar (Burma) is all about.

Get up before the sun gets up and be there when it goes down and you will have maybe 2-4 hours of the best light you’ve ever seen.

This photography of the beautiful Inle Lake gives us a good example of this (and actually i really like the boat).

And like the previous picture i mentioned earlier, it was taken with an old point and shoot cheap argentic camera….