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Girls on bicycles in Huế

Huế is a nice place with a few historical sites to visit.

Furthermore, it has a nice atmosphere, halfway between the relaxed Hanoi and the busy Saigon (if you’re talking about the people living there and not the cities, you can say the opposite. Strange, isn’t it ? icon wink Girls on bicycles in Huế )

The Citadel you can see in the background of this picture is located just in front of the palace i mentioned in another post.

When i looked back at this photography, i felt it has a funny “communist propaganda poster” feeling.

The citadel (an historical symbol), the Vietnamese flag, the bicycles and the family with young and older women… Half of them seems to be looking at the flag and the others seems to look ahead to a bright future icon smile Girls on bicycles in Huế

And finally the movement of the young and enthousiastic girl in front…

Is it just me who felt this ?