How to Find Your Next Favorite Vacation Retreat

When a word or phrase gets into the vernacular of a culture, it can sometimes bring about some pretty cool changes in that a group of people are able to communicate in a new, sometimes profound way. The idea of a retreat, or in our case a vacation retreat, is one that actually has quite a bit of history but usually ends in the same manner every time – the person ‘retreating’ is decidedly heading back to the real world fully charged once again.

Basically, a vacation retreat is where you and your family are able to go out on an adventure exploring a particular corner of the world so that when you return, you will have returned a new, revitalized person.

Sounds nice, huh? The question, however, gets raised regarding how one is able to choose their next favorite vacation retreat. As with any choice, there is always the time & effort dedicated to actually making the decision, and if you’re trying to decide how best to use your vacation time, the irony of stressful planning shouldn’t be lost on anyone. But, take a cue from your prospective retreat mindset & chill out a bit. Finding the right retreat isn’t difficult because you, as the consumer, have quite a bit of power.

First, it’s important to understand what it is you’re looking for in a vacation retreat. What types of activities are you looking to explore? Are there any particular experiences that seem noteworthy and interesting to you & your family? If you have everyone working together to decide what might be the right outing, then you can spend less time arguing & more time contemplating nirvana.

Next, it’s important to know what type of setting you’re looking to visit. This seems easy enough, but keep in mind that you’ll need to know when you’re on vacation. After all, if you’re vacation time comes around during the winter, will you be looking forward to a winter wonderland or perhaps look to the tropical weather elsewhere? Luckily, we live in a big world filled with a number of choices, so you really have a plethora of options to choose from, but thinking in terms of an ideal setting may really amp up the planning process.

You’ll also need to think about just how much retreating you’ll be doing. Are you hoping your next vacation retreat will have the feel of a woodsy, rustic getaway but still have access to a local town’s modern-day amenities? Are you looking to really get in touch with nature & do nothing more than rely on your own power to get around hiking, biking, & even canoeing? How else will you get around?

Piggybacking a bit off the last point, it’s important to remember that sometimes getting away means also enjoying a way of life other than your own, and that can be as simple as exploring a quaint mountain town, for example. Not only can you find the things that make modern life work, but you also are just steps away from the rugged terrain & mountain air that makes you never want to leave.

A vacation retreat should be more of a way to recharge your body & soul rather than a reason to leave the world behind. There’s a fine line between the two and understanding it is one of life’s great pursuits.


Travelling on a Tight Budget

Every once in a while, we take time off our busy schedules to explore and experience the world. Despite the excitement and fulfillment that comes with traveling, there is no denying it is a hefty and expensive exercise. A decent holiday spent on traveling can potentially drain your accounts if not properly planned for. When it comes to traveling, there are not many corners to cut. There are no bargains nor budget options. This is why planning is the most vital stage of travel and one which you must focus on if you plan to travel on a tight budget. With proper information on viable options, it is totally possible to travel on a slim budget.

Traveling Is Not Overrated

We all get to see the beautiful pictures of places around the world and fancy the idea of exploring them. As curious beings, we do not really want to get stuck inside walls for the rest of our lives. Traveling is indeed not only a great way to unwind, but it is also one of the most productive ways of spending free time. Exploring new places opens up our minds in ways nothing else can. We also get to possibly meet new people, make friends and reinvent our social lives. Traveling should thus not be just a remote desire, it should be a possibility for everyone. A possibility that is even more authentic with viable options of finance.

What Are The Options?

First, we can try to save on every last coin that we spend. This can often mean cutting our expenditure on essential things, looking out for bargain deals, skipping meals… not ideal! Conversely, we can ignore the expenditure and focus more on getting extra sources of income. Now, that is a big challenge for sure. The most plausible means of getting money for traveling when on a budget would definitely be getting a personal loan.

Borrowing definitely has multiple advantages for a budding traveler. You not only get to enjoy flexible terms of payment, but you also gain from low interest rates. Borrowing also augments your profile making it easier for you to acquire finances again. Most people never really spend years planning on trips. In fact, it is common to hatch up a plan in just a few months. This is why arbitrariness is unavoidable in travel scenarios. Borrowing is thus the most viable way of financing travel when on a tight budget.


Seven Fun Things To Do in Nassau Bay, TX

Traveling can sometimes really take the energy right out of you, making it hard to really enjoy yourself once you do get to your destination. You’re in luck, though, because if you’re traveling to Bay Area Houston region of Texas, you’ll no doubt have a number of fun things to do in Nassau Bay, TX.

Why Nassau Bay? Well, oddly enough, this city is unique in that it isn’t very old, only dating back to the mid-20th century with the emergence of the U.S. Space Program in Houston. As the Johnson Space Center cemented itself as part of the area, Nassau Bay was created as a community for staff members, astronauts, and their families. It just so happened that as the area grew, so, too, did the knowledge that it was a pretty sweet place to be, and the visitors just couldn’t keep away.

In fact, they still can’t quite stay away because there is so much to do in, and around, Nassau Bay. Here are seven fun things that are “must-see” items on any visitor’s list:

Wings Over Houston Airshow at Ellington International Airport – As you’d expect from a place where NASA is a major employer, this airshow is an international draw & thrills people of all ages, so it’s great for families.

The Kemah Boardwalk – Just a few miles from Nassau Bay is the world-famous Kemah Boardwalk. Offering the charm of boardwalks from days gone by along with modern cuisine, nightlife, and rides for the whole family, it’s a great place to have a ton of fun.

The San Jacinto Monument – A few miles away in La Porte, you’ll find a commemoration for those who fought in the Battle of San Jacinto, as well as those who fought for Texas independence. If you’re a history buff, you can’t miss this.

Battleship Texas – If you happen to be a history buff and a war aficionado, Battleship Texas allows you see a genuine participant in both World Wars. Considering the First World War ended in 1918, that’s saying something.

Murder by Chocolate Mystery Theater (and Coffee Shop) – Take a walk on the wacky side by checking out this fun dinner theater experience. There is also the coffee shop that offers great coffee with entertainment in the way of theater, interactive games, and even magic.

Nassau Bay Street Eatz Party – Taking place on the Town Square, this little shindig will have live music, food trucks, and fun entertainment for all ages, not to mention free admission & free parking. It’s also BYOC – Bring Your Own Chair.

Space Center Houston – Of course, you can’t go to Nassau Bay and not visit Space Center Houston. This is the official Visitor Center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, and for 25 years has wowed millions of visitors from around the world. That’s pretty easy to do when you have a 180,000 square foot “edu-tainment” complex!

Even though it began life as a necessary community for NASA staff members & their families, Nassau Bay, TX has certainly become a gem in the Bay Area Houston region of Texas. Do yourself a favor & check it out.


Five Simple Steps to Find the Best RV Parks in Bay Area Houston

When checking out where the best RV parks Bay Area Houston (BAH) has to offer, you might be a little unsure of what to be looking for or what to do? Moreover, depending on your actual experience in the RV game, you might be completely clueless. After all, setting out in an RV is more than just fun and games. It’s serious business that can mean the difference between having a good time or being “up a creek”.

For those not quite in the know, Bay Area Houston is an area tucked between Houston and Galveston. It also serves as the third largest marina base in the United States. There are also miles and miles of waterfront, so being able to navigate the area in an RV puts you in the driver’s seat of exploring a beautiful area of not only Texas but of the entire country.

So, how can you find the best RV parks BAH has to offer? Here are five steps to helps out:

Technology – Everyone’s good friend, the Internet, is perhaps the greatest tool the modern “RVer” has to use. By simply doing a search on Bay Area Houston RV parks, a surprising number of possibilities comes up. What’s more, many of them actually get great reviews.

Specific Cites Online – Piggybacking off of the general net search, you can also use specific website such as Yelp & TripAdvisor as they get very detailed in terms of reviews, and you can get very detailed info such as cities with great RV parks including Nassau Bay & Kemah that are in the BAH area.

Aficionado Forums – If you’re well-tuned to the Internet & what it has to offer, you can even find very specific RV forums and websites dedicated solely to the RV life. There, you can get invaluable info on what parks are best no matter the area to which you travel.

Ask Your Brethren – It’s a little out of the ordinary this day and age, but you can also ask other RV travelers about their preferred places to stay in BAH. No doubt they can tell you where the best places are for settling for the night, having a bite to eat, and even exploring places like Seabrook (also in BAH).

Visitors Bureau – Perhaps a lot more out of the ordinary and very old school is contacting Bay Area Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau for information. At one time, contacting a city’s CVB or Chamber of Commerce was the ideal way to get great information about somewhere you were visiting. The fact is that Bay Area Houston’s own CVB is perhaps the most informative source there is on the area and what it has to offer. You can call them, or better yet, you can actually check out their website.

The best RV parks Bay Area Houston has to offer are only a few clicks away. Being able to plan a relaxing & fun-filled RV trip while sipping a cup of coffee & working on your laptop? That’s planning for travel in style!


Why Rajasthan Is The Official Heritage Site Of India

Rajasthan which is one of the biggest Indian states is called the heritage of India due to many reasons. Splashed in imperial greatness, the illustrious place that is known for Rajasthan is known for its social extravagance, rich history and a considerable measure of tourism choices. There is a great deal of alternatives for tourism in Rajasthan, India. Some of prominent tourism choices are social tourism, untamed life tourism, legacy tourism, town tourism, recorded tourism, and so forth.

Rajasthan tourism additionally offers a considerable measure of exercises which you will surly love to enjoy. Investigating natural life parks and havens, jeep safari, camel safari, vessel riding on dazzling lakes, winged animal watching, and so forth are a few exercises which you will surely not have any desire to neglect to appreciate them amid your Rajasthan visit.

The energetic and vivid province of Rajasthan is additionally known for its differences which can be seen its way of life, custom, geology, individuals, way of life, cooking, and so on. This is its differing qualities which makes it one of the prime travel goals of India. One can’t discover such a great amount of assorted qualities in some other conditions of India. Clearly, Rajasthan visits give a wonderful travel and tourism encounter.

One of the most ideal approaches to think about Rajasthan is its different superb landmarks. You will see and visit a few glorious places to visit in Rajasthan. Incredible fortresses, palatial royal residences, staggering havelis, tremendous sanctuaries, and so forth assume an essential part in the blast of travel and tourism in Rajasthan, India. City Palace Jaipur, Amber Fort and Palace Jaipur, Lake Palace Udaipur, Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur, City Palace Udaipur, Samode Palace Jaipur, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Junagarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur, Golden Fort Jaisalmer Fort, Havelis of Shekhawati locale, Pushkar Temples, Jain Temples, and so on are some real landmarks of Rajasthan and never neglect to charm vacationers on their India Rajasthan visits.

Some of strongholds and royal residences of Rajasthan have now been transformed into legacy inns. These castle inns furnish captivating atmosphere mixed with world class convenience and age old appeal. You will to have great chance to remain these castle inns amid your Rajasthan trip. Appropriately, the state is known as the place where there are landmarks.

Rajasthan is additionally known for its immense forsake – Thar Desert. On your visit to Rajasthan you will have awesome chance to investigate betray scenes of Rajasthan. One of the most ideal approaches to investigate the betray scenes of Rajasthan is camel safari. You can appreciate camel safari to investigate the abandon and see the sparkling sand ridges of Rajasthan. Going to Sam Sand Dunes at the season of dusk is exceptionally well known exercises among honeymooners and recently married couples. You ought not to miss to visit the gleaming sand ridges amid your Rajasthan tour package.

Thus, in the event that you too have chosen to go in Rajasthan India, welcome! Visit Rajasthan India and investigate this dynamic and vivid state. Appreciate boundless tourism choices and offer recollections of Rajasthan visits with you relatives and companions.


Responsible Tourism – Seven Ways To Stay Green On Vacation

Responsible tourism is a term that is gaining quite a bit of traction in today’s conscientious society. With the ever-increasing access to travel, it is important to many tourists today to give thoughtful planning to the footprint they will leave behind in any new destination in which they find themselves. It is a thrilling challenge to set for yourself when contemplating how you can be more mindful in your travels. Take a look at the following list to help you set realistic and noble goals:

1. Check out local markets.

For many people, responsible tourism refers solely to the potential impact on the eco environment. But the term encompasses so much more. It is important to contemplate how your travels will affect the local people population. Too often, large corporations invade the travel scene and impede progress for local inhabitants. As such, take a look around and shop at the local food markets. Forego the larger supermarkets and ask where you could find fresh, local food. Keep this in mind for restaurants, as well. Plus, you will have the added bonus of experiencing the local cuisine. Fresh food is always better for everyone.

2. Look around for a privately-owned hotel.

Much like corporations can take over the food scene, they can also take over the accommodations. To support the local economy, head over to a smaller inn, owned by locals. You will be supporting small businesses. Generally, local owners employ more environmentally-friendly practices, as well. This certainly will kill two birds with one stone, but, of course, only figuratively.

3. Do some volunteering.

If you really want to make a difference through your travels, then check out local volunteer opportunities. Just make sure that you check through UNICEF or any other conscientious organization to vet the volunteer options you want to pursue. Not all are created equal and some may be more harmful than helpful. Volunteering, as they say, can do as much good for your own soul as those that you will certainly touch.

4. Find a travel agent who supports your goals.

Thankfully, there are a few travel agencies out there that focus on responsible tourism. They should be connected with different groups that can help you work toward your goal of a responsible trip. Generally, they will also have a specific plan of action to ensure a healthy trip.

5. Be mindful of your impact on nature.

Of course, the standard rules of no littering or pollution help. But there may be ways in which your adventures will impact your surrounding environment of which you may not be aware. For example, when snorkeling, make sure you do not touch any coral reefs. You may also schedule environmentally-friendly tours.

6. Check out on-line “reviews.”

Since the era of responsible tourism is catching on quickly, there are several online sites that tourists can access to pass on helpful hints and guidance for particular regions. Do your research ahead of time and make sure you are informed of local custom.

7. Look at alternatives to air travel.

Air travel is often necessary for people to reach their destinations. But there may be alternatives. Unfortunately, air travel is very damaging to the environment and should be avoided when possible. Check out carpools, ship cruises, train rides and other alternative methods.


Travel Photography – A New Take

‘Travel Photography’ is the way in which we go about recording our travels so that we can revisit and share our experiences time and time again… and really enjoy each revisit!

Why do we take photographs when we are on holiday… ?

… because we would like to remember where we have been and what we did…

The Digital Age

Now that we have the wonder of digital we can take any number of pictures at no cost which means that we will return from our holiday with cameras and hard drives full of hundreds of images!

What do we normally do with all these pictures?

We can leave them just as they are scattered across a series of drives – we plan to spend time sorting them out (there are lots of duplicates!) and will get around to it soon. In reality, for many of us, this is as far as we get. As there are just so many pictures, we never actually look at them as it is too much effort! In addition, all the duplicates and look-alikes are irritating and add to our sense of frustration and perhaps our slight feeling of guilt.

Or we may do a really quick sort to get it out of the way – rush, click, rush, click and get the collection down to a manageable size. We don’t do much really careful selection and, generally, spend almost no time at all correcting any flaws.

We look at this selection sporadically but always feel that it doesn’t really do justice to our holiday!

Or else we plan our holiday pictures and then spend time selecting them carefully – we can start this while we are still away – starting to turn them into a delightful holiday production…

The whole plan is to make sure that we get full value from our holiday!

We want to be able to re-visit special places and really enjoy doing this time and again… we also would like to be able to share them with our friends…

… this can be a sensitive subject!

Why do we find that other people’s holiday pictures quickly become boring?

Before answering this question we need to take a look at our own old holiday pictures. Trying to be objective and taking away any emotive memories we must ask ourselves… ‘… did I really do justice to everything we experienced?’

If we are cautious about accepting invitations to view other people’s holiday pictures – what do they feel about ours?

You want pictures that are YOUR pictures. Pictures that really reflect what you saw and what you felt – you don’t want postcard clones. You need to take the time to plan what you are doing. Not to just take the first picture you see and then move on…

You are actually trying to freeze a slice of life as you see it…

… your objective should be to put together a Travel Show covering your holiday. It needs to be fun to do and then fun to watch. For both you and your friends!

You need to regard it as a recipe with a whole range of ingredients…

… you should have your basic framework in mind as you travel and start to collect pictures that you can use in all the different categories. Having an informal structure to your photography can increase your enjoyment considerably. Because you are actively looking for different types of pictures, you will actually see far more of your destinations than the casual visitor.

Do not become paranoiac! This is supposed to be for enjoyment!!

The sort of categories that you might look for include..









people… places…








At Night


These will depend on what you would like to include – again, planning the outline of your travel show can add significantly to the enjoyment of your trip planning.

The key, as always, is what do you want to achieve? Having decided this, you can then spend just as much time as you would like developing your travel show.

Approaching your holiday photography in this way can add a whole new level of enjoyment to your holiday and provide an extra bonus as you enjoy your holiday again and again.


The Best Israeli Markets

Famous for its wide range of food choices and fresh products, Israeli markets are must-visit places for every visitor to the country. From art and souvenirs to fresh fruits and vegetables, from beautiful antiques to baked goods – everything is accessible in Israeli markets. The markets are lively and busy, with crowds of visitors coming here starting in the early mornings. Israel has plenty of local markets, and we have made an exciting list of some of our favorites:

  • Jerusalem’s Old City Souk

No doubt, the Old City Souk is one of the most popular and highly visited markets in Israel. In fact, some people think it’s too overcrowded with tourists. The reason for the market’s popularity is its souvenirs trade and prime location within the old walled city of Jerusalem. However, you can also buy food and traditional sweets. Haggling is expected here, so you’ll have a chance to practice your Hebrew.

  • Tel Aviv Carmel Market

Tel Aviv Carmel is the largest fruit and vegetable market in the city, and offers a hugely varied choice of diverse groceries. The Tel Aviv Carmel Market is famous not only for the food and goods that are sold here, but also for the unique atmosphere and diverse cafes and restaurants. These restaurants are supplied by the market and serve cuisines varying from sushi to the intriguing fusion of Swedish and Iraqi cuisines at Gedera 26.

  • Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Market

Make sure you don’t miss this market when you visit Tel Aviv. The Nahalat Binyamin Street Market is a testament to creativity in all its forms, featuring a lively and diverse mix of original handmade products and street performances. Open every Tuesday and Friday, the market is open for various artists and exhibitors decided on by a public committee, allowing the market to offer a high quality of goods. Thanks to a great selection of various products from unique souvenirs to original glasswork and tremendous paintings, This Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Market is a true Tel Aviv symbol of art and creativity. Enjoy wonderful performances of circus artists and musicians and experience the unusual items sold within.

  • Tel Aviv Port Market

This market has become a main center for Israeli food, and one of the greatest market centers in Israel. It has not only some of the country’s finest cuisine, but it also hosts in-market cooking classes. Everyone can take part in the improvised cooking lessons hosted by some of the most famous Israeli chefs. You can also taste food cooked by Port Market professional chefs, who hold various tasting sessions. It also has restaurants that serve exciting and delicious food, including kosher charcuterie.

Bucket Lists: A Skeptical Assessment


The other day, a friend asked if I had a bucket list. I don’t, never have and don’t expect to start one. Given my advanced seniority on this Earth, I’ve had ample time to do what appealed to me. I’ve traveled, had plentiful adventures and enough random good fortune to do what had to be done, looked interesting and seemed worthy and fun. At present, I’m content and even somewhat serene. I’ve no desire to jump out of an airplane, climb Mt Everest, embark on a pilgrimage, streak Yankee Stadium, run for president or anything else that merits a to-do-before exiting list.

On second thought, running for president has some appeal. I ran for mayor (Tampa in 2003) and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially the candidate forums that facilitated my secular missionary zeal of explaining REAL wellness and sharing Ingersoll excerpts. But president? I don’t know. I’ll be 82 in 2020 – a little old to appeal to the younger crowd – and my fellow octogenarians might assume I won’t last a single term. What’s more, I don’t have the name recognition or deep pocket/special interest fund-raising contacts to mount a viable campaign. As if this were not enough to doom my prospects for becoming the 46th president, there’s this: I’m not willing to spend days, let alone weeks or months, in Iowa or New Hampshire annoying primary voters in the dead of Winter. Thus, how could I ever gain steam in the polls?

No, I’m not starting a bucket list. I won’t run for president in 2020 (even if nominated!). I will pass on the temptation to embark on a holy grail-worthy quest to become the new leader of the free world seeking to “Make America Rational, Respectable and Decent Again.” Bucket list entries are not for me. There are no goals or experiences I wish to highlight as essential endeavors to enjoy before entering eternity. (Oh, and by the way, on the subject of exiting this “narrow vale between the cold and barren peaks of two eternities,” like Ronald Reagan Jr., I’m “not afraid of burning in hell.”)

This does not mean, I should make clear, that I lack interest in dozens and dozens of possible things to do daily. On the contrary: Every day has promise and adventure, which I (and I suspect most others) This does not mean, I should make clear, that I lack interest in dozens and dozens of possible things to do daily. On the contrary: Every day has promise and adventure, which I (and I suspect most others) appreciate fully as each day comes and goes.

From a REAL wellness perspective, you might want to think about the bucket list question, specifically, why or why not have one?

Bucket List Possibilities

A bucket list (noun) consists of a number of experiences or achievements a person hopes to have or accomplish during his or her lifetime, goals and aspirations… things to reach for and look forward to.

If you think everyone should have a bucket list because, well, I don’t know, just because, maybe, you can get ideas galore at a website called “” (800 possibilities). No matter your personality or range of imagination, you’ll probably find a few that appeal. If none of the 800 “Bucketlistjourney” alternatives work for you, try plain “” Here you will be given a menu of 10,000 suggestions. This site, by the way, claims 634,335 members who are said to be tracking 6,340,149 goals.

Maybe one reason such lists are popular is due to the 2007 “Bucket List” movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. This was about about two terminally ill men who escape a cancer ward in order to fully live again, if briefly, during a series of final life-enriching adventures – a road trip to enjoy an entertaining wish list of to-dos before dying.

We know from the literature about man’s search for meaning and purpose that the most satisfying goals, the greatest satisfactions and joys, do not follow from self-focused accomplishments. Nothing wrong with such goals and achievements but Viktor Frankl, Irving Yalom and many existential deep thinkers believe that happiness ensues from good works, from service to others. Don’t overlook the fact that you may want to include if not favor initiatives that support the less fortunate, or that promote a cause for which you are passionate – even if some might think your quest if Don Quixote-worthy.


Bucket list choices usually reflect a healthy curiosity about attractive ways to enjoy life’s moments. Some are personal (i.e., exploring novel, challenging, mind-expanding and/or body sensation exhilarations) while others provide added meaning and purpose and thus added “jewels of joy” (Ingersoll’s phrase for moments of happiness) to self and others). Both kinds of bucket list items are laudatory – the latter, however, warrant special regard and consideration.


Why Visit Iceland in Winter?

One does not visit Equatorial Africa in summer or the Arctic regions in winter. Iceland is in the Arctic and winters can be unusually harsh and cold but there still is a charm to the various places that take on a different appearance and feel. One reason why many prefer to visit Iceland in winter is that hotel rooms are cheap and the place is not crowded. However, this is not the only reason. There are several other compelling reasons to tour the place in winter.

Breathtaking landscape

As it stands, tours in Iceland give you the benefit of magical, breathtaking landscapes comprises of mountains, volcanoes, sea, glaciers, caves, rock formations and forests. Visit in winter and you will find these transformed into glorious scenes. In addition, the days being shorter and the sun never really rising high, you will love to be out and about for the entire day and capture some stunning photographs. The light is enchantingly magical.

Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis never fails to impress but in Iceland and in winter it is even more so. Put on some woolens and then set out on a clear starry night and walk some way or drive into the countryside. Iceland’s night sky seems like there are perennial fireworks going on. It is magical.

Bathe in hot springs

Summers are linked with seashores and beaches and frolicking in the waves. In Iceland and in winter when planning a tour to Iceland one should include swim suits. Yes, there are hot springs in plenty littered around the countryside. Relaxing in warm water in winter is a heavenly feeling.

Why choose tours in Iceland in winter?

Iceland is less crowded. Things may be cheaper. You may pay less for hotel rooms. Your guide has to handle fewer people and he will be less harried so these are valid reasons why choose tours in Iceland in winter. However, it is the countryside that is more compelling. The countryside is covered in snow and you will feel it is a fairy tale atmosphere. Importantly, you can walk on glaciers, explore caves like the Crystal Caves and go on ice cave tours like Vatnajokull and Langjokull.

Celebrate Christmas in Reykjavik

Christmas and that took a white Christmas is a distinct reality when you are in Reykjavik in winter. You might even expect reindeer to turn up around the corner with Santa not far behind. Anyway, Reykjavik takes on a festive air and there are several open air music concerts not to speak of good food and dancing.

Then there are sights like the half frozen Gullifoss waterfall and watching the sun rise over snow covered mountains, bathing the landscape in shades of gold and crimson, are sights you get to see only in winter.

If tours in Iceland in winter conjure up freezing weather, you will find it is not so. Yes, ice and snow do cover the countryside but the weather is tolerable due to the warm Gulf Stream.