Cultural Experience of India

India, the land of Gods and natural beauty offers multiple cultural experiences for tourists planning to visit here. The vibration of bliss can be felt in the socio-economic life of common people, where majority of them lives in villages. Religious shrines, holy rivers, ancient texts, heritage buildings, forts and palaces, markets, fairs and festivals leaves an unforgettable impression on the minds of travelers seeking cultural legacy of the nation.

Here, the children are taught to rely upon their own spiritual cultural practices and resist the temptation of materialistic world. The great epics of Sanskrit literature Ramayana and Mahabharat depicts ancient culture of India. Most of modern traditions and customs have its roots in ancient scriptures. The folding of hands (Namaste) has turned to be internationally-famed practice to welcome others. Rich cultural heritage of India has always been a hot topic of discussion among historians, academicians and writers all over the world.

The cordial relations among different communities and people of different religions make this country the perfect place to live and flourish. The myriad culture and traditions attract exotic tourists to this nation like a magnet attracts nails. It is a nation of sand, sea, rivers, lakes and snow-capped mountains which offers tourism of various tastes like culture tourism, village tourism, adventure tourism, wildlife tourism and heritage tourism.

Yoga Experience: Yoga is integral part of Indian culture from past many centuries. Yoga is an art of living which originated in higher mountains near Ganga river. The whole world has acknowledged the importance of yoga to make the world happier and healthier with bond of universal brotherhood.

Religious Festivals: India is a nation of God-fearing people and people here are religious from the core of their heart. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, all festivals devoted to various Gods/Goddess are celebrated with spirit and flavour.

Kumbh fair that comes once in a 12 year is the largest congregation of religious people near holy Ganga. The arrival of foreign tourists in this gala fair in search of mystery and tranquility is a growing trend in cultural tourism of India.

Indian culture is a phenomenon spreading rapidly across the country. Here, feeding a beggar or stray dogs is considered to be pious activity, and they never feel neglected and unloved. Here, the guest is treated as next to God. You don’t need any prior appointment to visit any home.

In the past 1500 years, much foreign power invaded India and explored the land for wealth and went back with plenty of it. But the indigenous culture remained impervious facing all oddities and onslaught.

Democracy in Cultural Land: Culture and tradition make up the bright, fertile land on which democracy flowers. Indian culture educates the world, and continues to do for centuries to come. India is a home not just for Hindus, Muslim and Christians only, but for everyone who is part of it. To be a part of this nation, even by a small measure, is truly amazing.

Even in this new millennium age, the yogi and hermits are occupying the top positions in various fields and are still torch-bearer to the nation. ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the biggest asset of this nation, surrounded by Himalayan Mountains in the north and three seas in south.


The Perfect Long Distance Road Trip

A quiet drive along a long endless road is definitely a perfect road trip. You see the cars in front of you but you don’t worry about them at all. What has made your road trip such a soothing experience?

The lulling sound of the tyres rotating against the tar gives you a gentle and constant sound that allows you to think and concentrate at the same time. The wheels are quiet and secure to the car and everything is running smoothly.

Road trips are often considered as long and tiring adventures that are only fun for the passengers in the car. However it can be soothing for the driver too because whilst you have a couple of hours ahead of you, you can make so many decisions that will leave you tranquil and calm when you get to your destination.

The most amazing feeling on an endless road is the slight breeze coming through the crack of the window. It leaves a cool atmosphere in the car and has a clean smell that only nature can provide.

If you are travelling during the summer season, the trip can still be tranquilizing. The warmth the sun leaves on the dashboard reminds us that we are on our way to a long deserved break, even if it is not during the peak holiday season.

So what makes us feel so relaxed when we are sitting in the car and driving?

The constant sound we hear is the sound of the tyres. It isn’t a noticeable sound but we do hear it. That would be the sound of healthy, stealthy tyres with a maintained tread pattern. We also find it easy to drive without moving the wheel too much because the tyres have been aligned and balanced. Alignment and balance allow the wheels to point in the correct direction without moving at a slight obstacle. This would be the sound of a well maintained car with proper mechanical working parts.

It is important to have all elements of the car looked at. Not only does it benefit you but it also keeps you, your family or passengers safe on any road trips. The idea of good tyres is to assist with travelling short or long distances.

To makes sure that all your car’s components are working, it would be wise to visit a tyre specialist. These professionals know how important it is to have a safe and comfortable road trip.

Minty’s is amongst the leading tyre suppliers in South Africa, and is recognized for our high standard of customer service. We have built a reputation amongst our customers and ensure that they receive tyres and alloy wheels of the highest quality, amongst the largest brands nationwide.


Ultimate Travel-Packing Checklist

Let’s check in detail about this:

1. Know the Place: This is the first step you need to follow. Knowing the place better will helps in packing the right stuff. So, it’s better to do some research on the place you are going and the climate over there before reaching.

2. Travel Documents: Start by collecting all your important documents in a travel document organizer. This will help to ensure everything you need is at one place. These documents include:

  • Passport and Visa (if needed)
  • Personal Id’s
  • Transportation Tickets
  • Travel Insurance
  • Hotel/Tour Organizer contacts and addresses
  • Credit cards and necessary cash (exchange the currency if traveling to different countries)
  • Reservation and Itineraries

3. Choose the right luggage bag: Whatever you’re planning, we recommend a luggage bag that is versatile, lightweight and big enough to hold all your essentials.

4. Gadgets: These are very much important for making memories. Don’t forget to keep a separate space for all your gadgets. These include:

  • Mobile Phones/ Cameras
  • Chargers and batteries for camera
  • Extra memory cards
  • Tripod (if perfect captures are needed)
  • Earphone/Headphones
  • Power bank

5. Personal Essentials: These things fall under very much essentials category. These are a must for everyone so a checklist is a must. We have many products which fall under this category.

  • Bath Essentials: Soap/body wash, face wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, loofah and hand sanitizer fall under this category.
  • Body Essentials: Lotions, Sunscreen, Deodorants/Perfumes, Lip balms, Makeup kits, combs/hair brushes, Facial tissues etc, comes under this category.
  • Jewelry Kit with necessary items.

Don’t forget to keep a couple of sanitary napkins with you as sometimes, we cannot guess what’s coming our way.

6. Keep it Light: Do not carry tons of clothes with you as it is difficult to carry the luggage. Few points to remember:

  • If it is summer, always carry light weight clothes likes Summer Dresses which are very light in general and also try to mix and match the clothes. This helps in reducing the weight of the luggage. Do not forget to carry sunglasses and scarfs.
  • If it is winter, make sure to carry sweaters/sweatshirts to keep you warm. Always carry an extra pair of socks and a pair of gloves.
  • If you are going to a place where there are mountains, carry a good pair of shoes so that you can take an active part in activities like trekking.

7. Other Important Things:

  • Basic medicines for fever, cold, headache and also important medicines, if you are under medications, bandage and a small first aid kit.
  • A small pair of scissors and a needle along with the thread.
  • Pocket sized notebook and pen.

A well-planned vacation will create memories cherished for a lifetime.

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Tips to Escape the Forex Traps While Travelling

Don’t we secretly admire prudent travellers who meticulously plan every inch of their vacation? But what even the most seasoned travellers miss is the Forex aspect of travel. Most of us are blissfully unaware that foreign exchange is one area where a major chunk of your cash could be unknowingly lost. With increasing bank fees, unscrupulous Forex agents, hidden charges and volatile markets, the currency exchange rates are in a constant flux.

So, what can you do to avoid losing cash in money exchange? Here are our tips to escape common Forex traps.

Elude local Forex peddlers

Local Forex operators get ready to pounce and corner, when they see foreign tourists. Having marked you as a vulnerable target, they’ll easily intimidate and force you to take whatever exchange rate they offer.

Don’t be carried away when the local operator offers you low rates. Sometimes these local peddlers trick you into quickly stashing the exchanged cash inside your wallets citing security reasons. They would not allow you to count, as they’ve not paid you the entire amount. So, it’s advisable to avoid these local peddlers and reach out to reputed, reliable currency exchange services provider for trustworthy deals.

Shop and pay in the local currency

Shopping is the most exciting part of any vacation. After bargaining hard and carefully weighing the pros and cons of each product, you finally go ahead to bill the items purchased. When the staff at counter asks if you want to pay in your home or local currency, please opt for local currency.

If you opt for home currency, the merchant takes the liberty to convert the amount to be paid to your home currency with ridiculous exchange rates and hidden charges. This is called dynamic currency conversion. By this method you’ll end up losing a lot of money while purchasing. Hence it’s always advisable to pay in the local currency of your destination. The dynamic currency conversion is one of the easiest ruses that will rip off your travel money.

For bigger purchases, use a credit card

If you are looking to make high value purchases, then the most economical way to pay is via your credit card. Since the purchases would be charged, based on the interbank exchange rate, you’re sure to get the most competitive currency exchange price. Hence before travelling, get a “no foreign transaction fee”credit card as well as a debit card that does not charge extra for purchases or ATM withdrawals in other countries.

Opt for travellers cheques

Travellers cheques are safe, pre-printed, fixed-amount cheques, intended to allow payments across currencies. They are secure and easy to use in almost all leading destinations around the world. If lost or stolen, they can be cancelled and replaced. They are also redeemable for the current rate of exchange at most banks in several countries around the world for no fee.

Sounds good, isn’t it? You need not keep worrying about looking for currency exchange houses or Forex deals.

Use a multi-purpose travel card

You can also opt for prepaid travel cards, which are the evolutionary successors of travellers cheques. With the exchange rate lock-in facility available, you can lock exchange rates when they are ideal and use the same later on. Managing and using money across countries will become hassle-free with travel cards.

There are several prepaid travel cards such as Gocash that offer multi-currency usage, ATM withdrawal, POS and online payment, and 6 out of 20 world currencies reload facility.

Do your research

Always look around and evaluate the providers of foreign exchange for competitive deals. In addition to offering best exchange rate deals, they should have also been in the market for a reasonably long time with good reputation and have a solid trust factor in the market.

So with the tips mentioned above, you need not worry about being ripped off your travel money by getting caught in Forex snares.


Breaking Through the Language Barriers

One consistent issue that may arise when traveling the world are the language barriers you’ll probably experience. When you begin traveling, you experience a culture shock when visiting another country because it can be completely different than you’re used to. Understanding that each culture and country is not the same is key with this new experience. Although many people across the world may know and understand English, a part of the experience is also to attempt learning the language of the place you are visiting to better get around and communicate with locals. Learning their language, wherever you decide to go, is a sign of effort and respect to at least try and better understand locals and their culture.

Where should you start? Once you’ve figured out where you want to travel to and coordinate your plans, in preparation for your trip, start learning any new languages you might be interacting with. Although Rosetta Stone is an excellent resource, it can be costly, especially if it may be only one trip. I would then resort to free online videos across the web, or just go straight to Google. If you go through a specific website, it might be nicer to find more of a laid out plan of where to start, what you will learn and put you more on a specific path you can easily follow. YouTube on the other hand, is a quick and easy source to start finding beginner videos to help you learn and pronounce at the same time. When you learn new words and phrases, they can look one way on paper, and sound very different from what you may have thought so learning, hearing the words and pronouncing them back simultaneously will be very beneficial for a productive lesson. Depending on how long your stay will be and how frequently you might end up in a country with a specifically spoken language, this will help you figure out how in depth your learning should be. Either you can stick to the basics of words, phrases and basic understanding or you can go deeper into tenses, grammar, and full-blown conversations.

When should you start? I’d recommend learning a new language about a month prior to your departure. You can maybe start off as little as a week before and keep a booklet or notes on you to reference or you can start even longer than a month: it all depends on how fast you learn and how much you want to grasp. Minimally I would try and learn as much as five days a week and be practicing seven. Twenty one days makes a habit so getting into that groove and setting time aside to learn will get you where you need to be. Learning the language isn’t necessary when traveling but it is a huge benefactor in the experience as a whole. Knowing some of their cultural differences before arriving can help with the adjustment of being there and avoiding any issues.


Summer Spots to Visit From Kolkata

BETHUADAHARI WILDLIFE SANCTUARY: Bethuadahari is a manmade forest located beside NH 34 in the Nadia district of West Bengal. This wildlife sanctuary can be reached by travelling 137 km from Kolkata.

This sanctuary accommodates a variety of species in nearly a 500 bigha biodiverse region. Birds, deer, jackals, Bengal fox, porcupines, lizards, pythons and other animals can be spotted here along with some very precious trees and shrubs. The sanctuary blooms in colour and sound during the summer months.

Several guest houses and lodges offer affordable food and accommodation. Cottages in the premises of the forest can also be booked in advance by contacting the Forest Department.

Time to reach by road from Howrah Railway Station: About 4 hours.


Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is about 130 km away from the city of Kolkata, at the confluence of Malta River and Gumdi River. Apart from being home to the Bengal Tiger, Sajnekhali also hosts a variety of birds species. You can get a scenic view of the lush green Sundarban mangroves from the watch tower and spot deer, tigers, and other animals. The Nature Interpretation Centre should be visited for more insights into the lives of the inhabitants of the river delta. Amongst the other must visit spots to experience the fauna up close are the turtle farm, the crocodile farm and the shark inhabited pond.

Spend some time watching the boats sail leisurely in the river or read a book on the deck. If you are lucky you might even spot the rare fishing cat or a wild boar. Macaques, flying fox, chital, pangolin and other animals also inhabit the forest.

It is a perfect place for bird watching too. You can spot many exotic birds like the Spotted Billed Pelican, Fish Eagle, Osprey Herring Gull, Open Billed Stork, different kinds of Heron, Kingfisher, Paradise Flycatcher to name a few.

Interact with the locals from the nearby village communities for an indigenous feel of the place. Though the best time to visit Sajnekhali is between September and March for the favourable weather, the summer rain also attracts a number of travellers for the frenzy forestry feel.

Time to reach by road from Howrah Railway Station: 5 hours.


Henry Island is located in Bakkhali, which is around 130 km from Kolkata. Being an isolated island, it is often referred to as a virgin beach. The path leading to the secluded beach is covered by a canopy of lush green trees. It really is like being in one of those marvellous looking wallpapers.

The natural concave arch of leaves and vines at the end of the trail makes it all the more breathtaking. The beach stretches along the glorious Bay of Bengal. With its sparkling sand and blue-green water, it is nothing less than a VFX scene from an American movie.

Stay at one of the many hotels in Bakkhali, visit the other beaches nearby, try loads of seafood, hire a cycle and enjoy the tranquillity of nature. You will surely lose your heart to the beautiful sunset!

Time to reach by road from Howrah Railway Station: 5 hours if you start early.


Jambu dweep is a mangrove island that is situated about 130 km away from Kolkata in the peninsular region of West Bengal. You can reach this region after a boat ride of 30 to 45 minutes from Bakkhali. It is a small and scenic island whose ends can be met within the corners of your eyes. It is mesmerizingly beautiful with almost zero footfall on an average day. You can start your day with a meditation on the beach, play volleyball or football or even have a picnic under the trees. Travellers often spot migratory birds, seabirds and red crabs.

Time to reach by road from Howrah Railway Station: 6 hours.

This article gives information about the summer spots in Kolkata, West Bengal. The eastern part of India is bordered by the Bay of Bengal and has many such precious little pockets of beauty. This article is aimed at educating travellers about those islands and forest reserves to help them plan their next weekend getaway successfully.


Best Time To Visit Nahan, Himachal Pradesh

Far from the humming horde of the city, Nahan is a flawless sentimental getaway. Lying among the grand Shivalik go neglecting lavish green fields, lush and healthy environment along with the soil free streets and clean boulevards, this little slope station fills in as a perfect destination goal for a one of its kind holiday experience.

Nahan has its past spun around numerous stories and legends connected to the history thus adding to its glory. Established by Raja Karan Prakash in 1621 as a capital, it is trusted that this town gets its name from a sage named Nahar who inhabited a similar site where this town stands today. According to another variant, the town gets its name from an episode where the ruler who was attempting to murder a lion was halted by a holy person named Baba Banwari Das who said Nahar signifying ‘don’t kill’.

Now, the name of this place brings along with itself, quite amazing facts and stories without any doubt for sure. This interesting town, today, is spotted with greenhouses, sanctuaries and a lake which came into existence with mankind experience. You should definitely visit Nahan in Himachal which is a cantonment town for an extraordinary and spell bounding holiday experience.

Nahan is a residential community where you will never have issue with convenience and place, all thanks to the hotels in Nahan hill station. With a few vacation spots offered by the places, it likewise offers lodgings and resorts differing from conservative to luxurious and premium range. With a few offices and administrations, you can likewise expect great sustenance, feel as well as become suspects to great hospitality.

So, if you are looking for the various hotels in Nahan and planning for a holiday in there, is it actually the right time to visit the place?

The best time to visit Nahan is amid winter months that are in between the month of December to the month of March when the temperature ranges from 3 to 17 degrees Celsius. Also, the fall months can be preferred. The months of September up till November, exhibit temperatures ranging in between from 6 to 27 degrees Celsius which can be considered so as to explore the beauty of this hill station because the place is believed to possess a great weather at that time. You will witness a vacationer flood in the time of October amid Dussehra as the Bala Sundari celebration is praised with awesome fervor in Nahan.

On the off chance that you need to get away from the occasion swarm and can endure warm temperatures at that point visit Nahan amid summer months (April to August) when the temperatures ascend from 35 to 40 degrees Celsius.

So, it basically depends upon you, which time and month period suits you the most to visit this splendid place.


How to Reach Raxaul to Kathmandu

Bihar, a state in the eastern part of India, shares an international boundary with Nepal. This frontier is an open border passing via Raxaul. Indian nationals do not need a visa to visit this wonderful Himalayan country which is one of the major factors that gives a huge flip in travel demand from Raxaul to Kathmandu.

Several tour operators provide car rentals from Raxaul to Kathmandu. They offer a wide range of services like local transport, airport transfer, outstation travel, car rental packages, business and corporate packages and various other travel needs.

Moreover, these leading players are also online. Online travel agents have changed the way travel business now operates. You can access their website to see a range of options that they offer and then you can book the ideal option that suits your travel needs.

The increasing number of cab operators lead to competitive pricing which helps you compare rates and find a good price for your travel from Raxaul to Kathmandu taxi fare.

There are some websites that provide fare estimators which help you calculate the most accurate taxi fares for the desired route. If you are planning a trip from Raxaul to Kathmandu, use these fare estimators and estimate the cost of travel. It will also help you calculate the distance between two cities and will suggest you the best routes available.

Online cab booking gives you an experience, where in just a few clicks, you complete the entire taxi booking process. These online travel players show you a step-by-step process to complete the cab booking procedure. They also have a dedicated customer helpline service which operates 24×7 to provide assistance to the customers.

The distance from Raxaul to Kathmandu is approximately 150 Kms by road which normally takes 5-6 hours. The sub-division of the east Champaran, a district of the Indian state of Bihar, is well connected by road transport. Private cabs take passengers from Raxaul to Kathmandu.

With these online players, you get more options where you can compare the facility and prices and pick the best one for you. You can choose the vehicle of your choice ranging from Maruti Eeco, Hyundai Santro to Tata Indica for your travel from Raxaul to Kathmandu and book according to your budget. The chauffeur will offer you a comfortable drive where you experience convenience enroute your destination. You don’t need to look around for directions or use Google maps. The travel experience enriches when you pass through beautiful places and stop for a while to click a few pictures or to relish the local delicacies.

Taxi Fare or bus booking from Raxaul to Kathmandu is now possible with Door to Door to journey planner DistancesBetween (DbTn). Just enter your details and it shows best routes from A to B.


Why a Super Jeep Tour is Popular in Iceland

Iceland has a wonderful topography, perhaps unequaled by any other country. It has beautiful fiords, breathtaking glaciers, mountains, rocky areas, caves, national parks and of course a vast stretch of land that one can explore if one is so inclined.

One of the more comfortable and affordable ways of touring Iceland is to join a guided tour in a mini coach. The coach is comfortable and one is part of a group. The time passes by and it is a wonderful experience. However, should one wish to take it to the next level, then Iceland tours are the way to go?

Why a super jeep and what is so special about it?

It is nothing but a 4×4 truck converted into a jeep with comfortable seats to seat at least four people and give them the luxurious privacy of travelling to selected destinations at their convenience with a guide and driver in attendance. It is almost like travelling in a limo. This is a good enough reason for the popularity and there is no doubt that one can truly enjoy Iceland tours in super jeeps for this and other reasons.

Iceland does have a network of roads. However, roads do not go everywhere. For instance, it is not possible or practical to drive to the edge of a glacier or explore rough mountain tracks and passes in ordinary coaches and cars. This is where a 4×4 converted into a super jeep shows its mettle. It is an on road and off road, the vehicle rolled into one. The golden circle glacier trip by super jeep, for instance, becomes quite an experience as the 4×4 drives to the very edge of Glacier Langjokull. If it is winter then driver obliges by driving on the glacier itself. The super jeep will negotiate rough tracks and it is at home on beaches and marshy lands as well because it has extra large size tires. If the driver obliges, he can take his guests into the Thingvellir National Park and explore deeper. Iceland has well-known spots and there are others off the beaten track that the driver knows about and will take his guests there because even inaccessible places are accessible in super jeeps. These are good enough reasons to choose super jeep tours in Iceland, even though they may cost a little bit more.

If one travels by a coach, one is part of a larger group. The super jeep gives a family like an experience besides affording more freedom to travel across any terrain. For super jeeps, negotiating the mountain pass of Lyngdalsheidi to get to Lake Laugarvatn is a cakewalk.

Nature in Iceland is not spoilt by over development. The Government has taken care to ensure the pristine nature is not marred by development activities. If one wishes to really get close to such places off the beaten track and do it quickly, then these jeep tours offer fantastic value and speed besides comfort. The Iceland experience takes on a whole new meaning when one travels in a super jeep.


8 Top Highlights in Italy in 8 Days

Why should Italy be on everyone’s travel bucket list? Italy is magical, it is historic and beautiful, it’s the site of so many important events and moments and it’s where both Rome and Venice are. Those two cities alone are reason enough to go there. You can visit alone and work out how to get around in its famously chaotic and ancient cities, or you can go with a guided group tour and have all the details taken care of so you can give all your attention to the sights that you just can’t miss in this magical country.


The birth place of the Roman Empire, the source of the conquerors of the ancient world including the mighty Caesar. Rome feels like history itself and yet it is still an impossibly modern, bustling city. No trip to Rome is complete without sitting on the Spanish steps and breathing in the eternity of this city. Or without a visit to the Trevi Fountain and throw a coin over your shoulder to this stunning fountain so you can come back to Rome. Do we need to mention the mouth-watering food that Rome is famous for?

The Pantheon

The fascinating monument that left even Michelangelo speechless; when he first saw the Pantheon he proclaimed it of “angelic and not human work”. This iconic building is an architectural wonder and a marvel to see in real life. If you could only see one thing in Rome, let it be this building.

Vatican City

The smallest country in the world, Vatican City is the centre of one of the oldest and most popular religions in the world. You will feel the history in this place, and the hushed quiet within the walls will be a welcome respite from the noise and rush of Rome. Final stop here should be the Sistine Chapel, one of greatest art treasures of all time, hosting Michelangelo’s masterpiece.


Often named Italy’s loveliest medieval city, your stop in Sienna promises fresh and tasty meals, artistic masterpieces and a picturesque approaching road that will let you see the winding countryside of Tuscany.

Wine Tasting in Chianti

Does anything else need to be said? Is there anything more Italian than sitting in the country side in a vineyard and sipping red wine?


Florence has been called the most beautiful city in the world many times. Newcomers to the city sometimes find themselves becoming dizzy and nauseated by all the beauty around them. Florence has artistic masterpieces and some of the best, most innovative food you have ever tasted.

Michelangelo’s David

In Florence, at the Accademia Gallery, you can admire the perfection of the most famous statue in the world: Michelangelo’s David. This masterpiece is a well-known staple of western art and a testament to the genius of the Renaissance. In real life, it’s so much larger and more exquisite than it ever looks in the pictures.


“When I seek another word for ‘music’, I never find any other word than ‘Venice’ says Friedrich Nietzsche. Venice is not only the city on the water; it is music, poetry, love, dream… Venice is everything beyond your imagination.

These sights are just some of the things you can see on your Italian holiday. Tour packages to Italy are available anytime of the year and visit all of the major sights and cities. There are many more things to see and discover, so make sure you enjoy your time in this enchanting country.